May 8 – last day

Finished videoFinished online portfolio pieceFinished presentation This week was spent wrapping everything up! I actually finished sooner than I expected, and I'm really glad it gave me time to show people my work and make adjustments. For my video, I chose a couple things to do to add to the overall mood of family intimacy:-… Continue reading May 8 – last day


May 1

Finalized prototypesCreated all prototype video assetsWorking on hand-drawn animations This week was filled with animating! (Animation majors, how do you stay sane?!) I'm focusing on getting all my video assets done and putting it together. I'm hoping to get it done by the end of the week, or early next week at the latest. I… Continue reading May 1

April 24

User-tested with two participantsRevised visual system + logo explorationsCreated illustrationsContinued working on desktop prototypes - almost finalized!Created some mobile screens This week was spent primarily reworking my prototypes and the visual system. I tested the prototype with two participants, and I got some extremely valuable feedback. My biggest takeaway from this week's testing was: "Don't… Continue reading April 24

April 17

Created platform onboarding flowContinued working on high-fi prototypesChats - invite member flowResources - added "roll-a-delight" feature, reworked resource cardsContinued working on brandingPrepared user-testing guide This week I continued fleshing out my high fidelity prototypes: Reflection Chats Resources I created an onboarding flow for new users. There would be two ways of onboarding - one through… Continue reading April 17

April 10

Updated wireframes with iterations and created high-fidelity designsBegan exploring branding This week was spent mostly working digitally on the wireframes. I hadn't finished implementing all the feedback I received from previous testing, so I took the time to do so this week. I also started creating high-fidelity prototypes. I took my time to make sure… Continue reading April 10

April 3

Iterated prototypesStarted branding explorations This week was primarily spent reflecting on the feedback I had received and implementing them in my prototypes. Here are the V2's of my mid-fidelity prototype: Personal reflection prototype I merged the flow of creating an affirmation into creating a daily check-in. This way, I hope to create a smoother, more… Continue reading April 3

March 27

User tested remotely with 7 participantsContinued working on wireframes and iterations This week (even though it was spring break) was very productive! I spent the week user testing and iterating on my screens. I was able to test with 9 participants remotely, both asynchronously (Google Form) and synchronously (Zoom video calls). As I'm testing, I'm… Continue reading March 27

March 20

Continued working on prototypesCreated remote testing google formCurrently figuring out onboarding flow for resourcesScheduled a call with my healthcare professor for next week A loooot happened this week regarding COVID - everyone in California is being ordered to shelter in place, classes are being moved online after spring break for the rest of the semester,… Continue reading March 20

March 13

Continued working on prototypesWrote user-testing planUser tested + received feedback from expert and user This week has been pretty turbulent with virus updates and cancellation of classes. I worked primarily on my prototypes and was able to do two user tests. These are the prototypes I tested: Personal ReflectionChatsFeed I wrote a user-testing plan to… Continue reading March 13

March 6th

Attended 3rd session of Caring for the CaregiverWorked on prototypes This week was primarily dedicated to creating wireframes and flows. As I worked through, I realized there are quite a few flows that I need to consider. As I'm working, I'm also rethinking different areas of the platform and the interactions. For example: Determining what… Continue reading March 6th