December 8

  • Prototyped two conversation flows
  • Created high level conversation flows
  • Presentation

This week, I’m pulling together all the work I’ve done in preparation for the presentation on Friday.

I did some quick testing with a couple peers and refined my conversation flow and how the trusted contact would interact with the system. Previously, when the assistant sends questions/requests to the trusted contact, it was done through a direct text conversation between the user and the contact. When the contact replies, the assistant would parse the text and return it to the user with the information – but from the feedback, this could be too intrusive/unrealistic. So now, the assistant would instead send a “form” that the trusted contact could respond to, with pre-defined answers too. This would not only make it less intrusive, but the assistant could gather information more accurately from the form.

I also made the messages more conversational – I think they were a bit formal and wordy previously.

I found that I struggled a bit to do conversational, chatbot prototyping. I tried a couple different tools online, but most required payments or were buggy/strange. I ended up just sticking with Sketch and Invision – I think that would be easiest to test with as well.

Appointment prototype + Recurring payment prototype

I also fleshed out higher level flows for these two conversations (which I should’ve done sooner!!). It helped me think things through more clearly and make adjustments along the way.

Finally, I’m working on my presentation alongside all of this. I’m struggling a bit to create an interesting narrative while incorporating my design process. I don’t want to follow the super conventional flow of research > insights > HMWs > solution; I want to do some more storytelling and demonstration, rather than fact stating. From my final presentation for my other class this past week, I learned the importance of simplifying and storytelling – otherwise I would lose the audience’s attention.

I know I shouldn’t be worrying about this, but lately I’ve been feeling some stress about my project – I think the reason is because I’m not creating an entirely new concept/system with my project, like how most of the school projects at CCA have been (and also my classmates’ senior projects). I’m working on increasing the functionality of things that already exist – which is definitely what design does and should be (I don’t want to design in a vacuum), but I worry about whether or not I’m doing enough or going in the right way about these.

This week, I will be:

  • Doing some more user-testing with at least 1 senior and 1 caregiver
  • Finishing my presentation
  • Working on my demo video

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