Home tactile map

For my investigation, I chose to do the home tactile map. Below are my results and my reflection:

Overall, it was a thoughtful experience. I enjoy taking in the visuals of my environment and surroundings in general, so this was quite interesting as another sense – touch – is integrated in exploring texture. I definitely felt like I was slowing down and examining things more closely than I normally do.

I have a lot of wooden things and wooden textures in my apartment, so I found myself actively avoiding wood when finding interesting textures, especially toward the end.

It was actually more challenging than I expected to disassociate vision with touch, and this was apparent when I was thinking of words to describe the texture, as well as when creating the visual vocabulary. This revealed to me how closely I associate the appearance and tactile qualities of textures. I wonder what it would have been like if I touched a bunch of things without seeing what they were, and then did the visual vocabulary. (Reminds me of Will’s project!) Would my symbols be more abstract? Or would I draw from images in my memory that the objects remind me of?

While I’m not working with touch in my senior project, I think this was still a valuable, interesting investigation of how using different senses affect my perceptions.

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