Today’s workshop was about transportation, presented by Omar, Gina and Jessica.

The group began by providing an introduction to wayfinding and the current/future state of transportation, and then shifted focus onto universal design principles. I did find the shift from wayfinding to universal design principles a bit sudden and disconnected. However, since transportation is such a big topic with many different areas of study and work, I thought it was wonderful that they chose this specific aspect to focus on.

Defining the parts involved in the wayfinding process.

Universal design is to create solutions for certain needs that ultimately benefit everyone. This is a major principle for my senior project, so I was happy about this focus and the activity. The main principles of universal design are:

  • Equitable use
  • Flexibility in use
  • Simple and intuitive use
  • Perceptible information
  • Tolerance for error
  • Low physical effort
  • Size and space for approach and use

Our activity was a design sprint: in groups, we designed for the different transportation related scenarios of a Japanese family visiting the U.S. for the 2030 Olympic games. We were prompted to approach this sprint with the principles of universal design in mind. I thought this activity was very wonderfully thought out – each family member represented a different persona with different needs and behaviours.

My group – me, Jay, Anchi, and Kendra – were assigned the challenge of designing a unified transportation payment method for the family. We came up with the solution of an in-plane purchase for a transportation QR code that exists in both physical and digital forms, and can be scanned and used at any type of transportation. This design allows travellers to receive information about the system and purchase the code in an accessible manner (on the plane, attendants and information videos would most likely be in their language), and allow them to be ready to use local transportation when they land in a simple, intuitive way.

We sticky-noted the current methods of transportation and their payment methods, then possible pain points user have, then our ideas.
Acting out our solution in class 😂

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