November 10

  • Confirmed and prepped for On Lok site visit
  • Created storyboards
  • Created concept testing plan
  • Began recruitment
  • Starting user testing

This week was quite interesting – very uneventful in the beginning, and very productive at the end. I was able to accomplish more than I thought – I have a few active things I’m managing right now.

I confirmed my onsite visit for the On Lok Memory Care Center on Tuesday. The manager, Modupe, was very kind to provide detailed directions to get to the center and information for speaking with the caregivers – I am very thankful for this connection. I wrote out a schedule/guide for myself with the information Modupe provided to me, and I’ll be going in the morning to observe and speak with the participants of the program and the caregivers.
My goal is to learn more about how they manage tasks/reminders, show them my concepts and get some feedback, and maybe recruit some participants for user testing. Here are the questions on my guide:

I also created two brief storyboards to show and help explain my concept.



I started prep and recruitment for a week-long testing of the “appointment/event” feature, posting on my social media and reaching out in my circle to those who may know people. In preparation, I wrote down the things I wanted to learn, and the testing plan.

I already have two participants, and one of them is starting the week of reminders tomorrow! I called her today to learn about her situation, challenges, and to prepare for the testing.
For one week, I will be sending reminders in 3 areas everyday, and afterward, I’ll debrief some questions. She also expressed willingness to test my higher fidelity prototypes later on.
Both her and I are very excited and thankful for this testing – I get to test and improve my work, while she and her husband both happily receive actual assistance they need. It’s moments like this that get me the most excited about designing.

UPDATE: I began my second participant’s weekly reminders! She has a husband who stays on top of most things for both of them, but she has trouble remember events. I will be reminding her for two events happening this week, with additional details related to the event.

Both participants have offered me to come in the future and test physical prototypes with them. I feel extremely grateful and excited!

I’ll also be concept testing the “awareness of expenditure” feature – this is more a one-time test, and I can do it next week when I go for my volunteering shift at the Center for Elder’s Independence. I’ll be showing my storyboard and going through the conversation flow to test this.

To recap next week’s to do:

  • Continue recruitment
  • User-test week of “appointment/event reminders” feature for 2 participants
  • Test the “awareness of expenditure” feature
  • Visit On Lok Center on Tuesday to do on-site research, interviews, and possibly recruitment

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